SPINOR mini (3 modes) device

Spinor mini (old name CEM TECH mini) 3 modes has a unique principle of action and may be used to manage many diseases and conditions. The efficacy of...
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SPINOR (AK TOM) LCD device of EHF therapy

“SPINOR (AK TOM)” is the portable EHF-IR therapy apparatus with changeable oscillators. The oscillators are connected to the apparatus channels with...
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Stella-2 device

The device is designed to treat patients with EHF (extremely high frequency) radiation when exposed to biologically active points (BAT) of the body...
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The smallest apparatus of EHF therapy. Miniature assistant for your health, which can be always at hand.
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SPINOR Activator

Spinor-Activator household appliance for structuring water. Also increases the activity of substances dissolved in aqueous solution. It is used in...
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Air twin — a new model of miniature EHF apparatus Spinor Air.
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Сosmetological device BioNice

BioNice is a beauty device which is combines cryotherapy, light therapy and the power of essential oils and herbs. The effeciency is confirmed by the...
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