SPINOR mini (3 modes) device

Spinor mini (old name CEM TECH mini) 3 modes has a unique principle of action and may be used to manage many diseases and conditions. The efficacy of the device is confirmed by numerous studies. Spinor is easy to use.   

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Free consultations on your diseases with the selection of treatment regimens are also included in the cost of device.

Special prices for buying 2 or more devices.



  • mode No. 1. General EHF-mode 5 minutes
  • mode No. 2. FRI (resonance radiation) mode (bioresonance impact)
  •  mode No. 3. General EHF-mode 10 minutes


  •  nervous system diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • cold-related diseases and low immune function
  • cardiovascular system diseases, blood hyperviscosity
  • endocrine system disorders
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases, including parasitic diseases
  • skin and skin structure diseases
  •  joints and spine disorders
  • gynecological disorders and male urogenital diseases
  • pain syndrome in any location, wounds, and burns
  • allergic and autoimmune diseases
  • vision disorders etc.

Additional information


less 150 g


110*55*30 mm

Power supply

2 batteries AAA type


1 yellow emitter (inside), 2 yellow emitters, user manual, passport of the product, cable


Extended-2 years


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