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BioNice is the world’s first phototherapy cryoapplicator created by BioNice GmbH in Germany. This is a unique device that allows you to heal, vitalize and refresh the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

The device is patented in Europe and manufactured in Germany. Over the last 5 years BioNice successfully passed testing at service over 2000 patients.

Technology Bionic restores and enhances vitality of the skin. To do this, combine four essential anti-aging principle: criolifting, phototherapy, active substances and mechanical impact.

For many years, each of these methods separately used in anti-aging therapy to eliminate wrinkles, restore normal pigmentation, smoothing scar tissue, vascular problems and acne. However, combined with BioNice technology, these methods synergistically reinforce each other.

BioNice technology can be easily applied at home. The Bionais apparatus intensively affects the skin and subcutaneous tissues: it increases the permeability of the skin, ensures the penetration of active substances into its deep layers, improves microcirculation of the vascular bed and leads to the activation of all physiological processes in the skin. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to mesotherapy.

The method provides a stable rejuvenating, rehabilitating effect and prolongs the effect of other cosmetic procedures.

The use of the BioNice device in combination with the active components included in the ice, allows to obtain a rejuvenating effect in a non-invasive way. This is especially true for patients with contraindications to invasive methods.

When using structured water to make ice, we get ice of a completely different quality. This ice significantly enhances the effect of the apparatus Bionis. Therefore, before freezing, it is recommended to structure the water EHF apparatus Spinor.

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