How it works

Bioresonance EHF devices “Spinor” are a series of physiotherapeutic devices for treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases at home and in medical facilities.Bioresonance device Spinor

Its working principle has allowed us to go beyond traditional approach – that includes making a diagnosis and then treating the symptoms – and start recovering the body by eliminating the cause of disease and strengthening natural body defenses.

Bioresonance EHF apparatus “Spinor” can be used alone or in combination with standard drug treatment – which helps to reduce the dose significantly – or with other physiotherapeutic procedures.

Working principle of Spinor

Spinor is based on two working principles: EHF-therapy (extremely high frequency) and bioresonance therapy. Combination of these two approaches offers successful treatment of many diseases which was confirmed by the studies (97% out of 20.680 patients reported positive results).

These devices have been approved and adopted by Russian healthcare system and can be used both at home and in medical facilities.

Spinor device is EHF-therapy + bioresonance influence.


EHF mode in Spinor apparatus

This device emits electromagnetic radiation with waves frequency similar to the vibrations of human cells, i.e. from 30 to 300 GHz. These waves help our cells to coordinate their work and maintain a healthy body. Bioresonance EHF device is applied locally – waves beams of natural frequency are aimed at affected area to initiate body’s regenerative response.

Treatment effect is reached due to:

  • Activation of immune body responses and protection against pathogenic microorganisms
  • Stimulation of tissue cell nutrition and antioxidants production preventing lipid peroxidation which has been implicated in the etiology of several diseases
  • Tissue regeneration (elimination of damages and recovery)
  • Anti-stress response of the nervous system
  • Better hormonal status and stimulating production of sex hormones, thyroid and pancreatic hormones, endorphins etc.
  • Better hematopoietic functions which allows using this device by patients with cardiovascular diseases and cancer (after chemotherapy).

Bioresonance mode in Spinor deviceBioresonance therapy mode:

Bioresonance method of treatment is based on EHF-therapy working principle and on the ability of semi conductor structures to recognize and capture electromagnetic frequency of a diseased organ and after that “captured” radiation is sent to the same damaged area. This mode is very effective as it involves organs treatment by the patients frequencies. It is also powerful in fighting viruses, fungi and parasites and used to eliminate inflammation and pain syndromes as well as fight infectious diseases including chlamydiosis and tick-borne encephalitis.



Advantages of using this device:

  • Faster recovery
  • No need to have any medical background
  • Disease prevention
  • No age limits, this device can be useful for all family members
  • Does not cause allergy and does not have any contraindications. It can be used by patients with tumors and autoimmune diseases
  • Regular use allows to reduce the dose of medical drugs or even stop using them
  • Due to its compact size, you can take it anywhere with you.