EHF therapy is a method of influence with electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequencies (EHF) 30-300 GHz on biologically active points and zones of the human body for therapeutic and wellness purposes.

EHF-therapy is used in the treatment of a wide range of diseases caused by a decrease in the protective functions of the body.
As a result of EHF-exposure, the immune status of the body is normalized, the blood picture improves, antioxidant status increases, local tissue repair occurs, faster healing of ulcers, erosions, wounds. Relapses of chronic diseases become less frequent and weaker. In addition, the body becomes more resistant to other diseases.

EHF-waves are extremely significant, “native” for living organisms. Biological objects are highly sensitive to them due to the fact that living organisms themselves use EHF signals for the purpose of managing vital processes. Cells “talk” to each other in the language of millimeter waves. Read more 

BRR-therapy (background resonance radiation) is a separate way of the millimeter wave therapy which makes it possible to «record» frequencies on emitter from biological objects, and transmit the information to the human body.

The emitter (crystal inside) works like a hard disk of computer. You can record frequencies information from people, animals, plants, food, medicines or any other item.
For example, if a virus enters the body, the crystal will record the frequencies of this virus and return them back. Due to the resulting bioresonance, this effect inhibits the virus.

Infrared light is one of several innovative therapies that are being trialed for the management of patients with acute or chronic pain.
it is used for a large number of diseases. Unlike EHF therapy, IR therapy warms the tissues and penetrates deeper. For IR therapy, you need use IR emitter, which is connected to the device.

Yes, the devices are used in the treatment of patients in hospitals, clinics, physiotherapy rooms and etc.

At the moment, we do not have any clinical studies for treatment of covid. We can rely on the treatment protocols for colds and flu.

This is absolutely the same device. Until 2013, the devices were called CEM TECH.

For the European market was registered the AK TOM trademark. There was a CE certificate also. The pricing policy was different. For example, in the European market the device cost more than 1000 euros. At the moment the CE certificate validity period has expired.

Therefore, our devices are produced now only with the SPINOR brand.

So, these are the names of the same device produced in the same factory. And now available only Spinor.

We don’t sell on Amazon! We sell only via our website. If you buy at another place, please be sure that this seller can give you quality consultations how to use the device.
Lately people write us for consultations, because they bought in some place and that seller can’t give any support. We give support only to “our” clients!

At the moment, the devices are not sold through official distributors abroad, as the EU certificate has expired. Therefore, all sales are made only from Russia.

1 year of warranty from the factory and the second year from us as a distributor. The kit includes a warranty card with the factory’s and our stamps.

Yes, this is a portable device that can be used both in the clinic and at home. There is manuals in English and treatment protocols on our website here  . And in our Facebook group. There is also free consultation support via email or whats app.

We send our products abroad via EMS Russian Post. Unfortunately, before the quarantine, the delivery time was about 10 days, but now it has increased to 1 month. After sending the order, we provide a tracking number that can be used to track the parcel.

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