Green emitter for Spinor CEM TECH AK TOM device




Used when:

  • Acute stages of disease
  • Wounds, burns, fractures
  • Impostato different origin
  • Varicose veins
  • For cosmetic purposes to eliminate skin laxity
  • Poisonings
  • Detox and weight reduction programs

Characteristics – 52-57 GHz; wavelength – 5,769 – 5,263 mm.

Tuned to the frequency of the lymphatic system:

  • Improves the exchange of substances
  • Promotes the production of bile
  • It helps to produce lymphocytes, which serve as protection against infections and microbes
  • Removes toxins and poisons from the intercellular fluid
  • Accelerates wound healing and tissue regeneration
  • Relieves swelling and inflammation
  • Enhances the cellular nutrition
  • Increases the body’s resistance by activating the immune system


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