Stella-2 device


The device is designed to treat patients with EHF (extremely high frequency) radiation when exposed to biologically active points (BAT) of the body and areas of the skin. It can be used in the conditions of physiotherapeutic offices of clinics, hospitals and medical and preventive institutions of a wide profile.”

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The device of EHF therapy “STELLA-2” with the built-in block of biofeedback with microprocessor control and with possibility of control from the computer (further the device) is intended for treatment of patients of EHF (extremely high frequency) radiation at influence on biologically active points (BAT) of a body and sites of a skin. With the help of the built-in biofeedback unit, the method of individual selection of therapeutic frequencies for patients with EHF therapy and control of the effectiveness of treatment is implemented. The built-in biofeedback unit is designed for:

  • carrying out zone and punctural EHF reflexotherapy (including auriculotherapy) and restoration of homeostasis by influence on biologically active points (BAT) and biologically active zones (BAZ) of an organism by information low-intensity radiation of electromagnetic waves of extremely high frequency (EHF);
  • the objectification of control reactions to EHF exposure and individual selection of a private medical patient by measuring the electrical conductivity of the BATH, as a function of frequency of incident EHF radiation, and monitoring the effectiveness and dynamics of treatment, rapid diagnosis
  • determination of the type of reaction of the organism to informational preparations, nosodes prepared with the help of “STELLA-2” devices.

The apparatus of EHF-therapy “STELLA-2” with built-in power is applied to physical therapy offices clinics hospitals and health care facilities. The device can also be used as a source of HF energy in biomedical research.


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90*190*70 mm