Air twin — a new model of miniature EHF apparatus Spinor Air.



Air twin — a new model of miniature EHF apparatus Spinor Air.

Unlike Spinor Air Twin  from the previous models:

1.  Two yellow emitters inside. We can record for example drug at one emitters and information from the organ at the same time at the second. This greatly increases the therapeutic effect.

2. Previous versions of Spinor Air devices operated on batteries, so it was difficult to conduct a full-fledged EHF therapy — with the active use of the batteries quickly discharged. Spinor Air Twin has a built-in battery that is charged from a computer or smartphone charger (micro USB connector). Due to this, we can work in EHF mode the required amount of time.

3. Spinor Air Twin can be used not only for simple structuring of water, but also for structuring with simultaneous transfer of information. To do this, one of the built-in emitters is recorded, which must be transferred to the water. The second emitter is used in EHF mode.

4. It has three mounting options on the body:

  • with the help of wrist strap
  • using chain to wear around your neck like a pendant
  • using the clip on the pocket

All mounting options are included.

Additional information

Power supply

battery charger (USB mini)


1 year


Battery charger, clip for wearing on clothes, lace for wearing on a neck, bracelet for wearing on a wrist