EHF mode in Spinor

Connect your emitter to the device via the connecting wire. If you have doubts what color of emitter to use, use the yellow one, because it is universal emitter.
We can use different ways for treatment. We can choose one or combine:

Select a mode depends on your illness using the “Mode” button (If you have the model with 11 modes, use the a table with specialized modes) and push “Start”. If you have the model with 3 modes, choose a mode in your device depends on the time of impacting which you need. For example for working with BAP we use mode №1 – 5 minutes and mode №3 – at the rest cases.

The device will turn off automatically after the procedure. You can use simultaneously two emitters, for example for working with paired organs.

Usually we work in EHF mode 10-14 days. After make a break 1-2 weeks and repeat the course if it is necessary. During the day we need work in EHF mode maximum 60 minutes.

After EHF mode we can leave emitter at the same place for further BRR mode.