Background-resonant mode (BRR)

BRR (mode №2) – is the impact of recorded electromagnetic frequencies of your own body or with any substance, such as drugs.

Using BRR mode:

  • connect the emitter to the device
  • place the emitter with the working side (smooth, white) on a painful place or projection of the organ. With open ulcers, wounds and burns, you can act through a bandage.
  • select mode 2 on the machine and click start. The electromagnetic spectrum is recorded within 60 seconds. The device switches off automatically.
  • fix the emitter in the same place with a band-aid or elastic band and disconnect the cable from the emitter

In chronic processes, leave the emitter for 8-12 hours. In the presence of an acute process (edema, inflammation and other local changes), the “record-effect” mode is recommended to be done as often as possible, approximately every 20-30 minutes, until the disappearance or significant improvement of the syndrome.

Another method of using BRR impact, when the emitter with an electromagnetic record is attached to the skin projection of the main vessel. We can record information from any secretions of the body (not for nothing we pass tests — they are diagnosed) or from external manifestations of the disease, for example, a rash and then the emitter with the information recorded on it is attached to the carotid artery or to the veins of the wrist. Thus, the body through the bloodstream receives information about the existing problems and takes protective measures.

You can also use the storage properties of water. As in the previous cases, we remove the information from where we need (in mode №2) and transfer it to drinking water (within 5-10 minutes). This method will act as homeopathy.

The effectiveness of treatment is higher when all of the above opportunities are used.
You can record information on the emitter of any color. When working in BRR mode, you can use an unlimited number of emitters.

BRR-therapy can be used independently. Or if you are conducting a session of EHF therapy, after its completion, you can leave the emitter there for further BRR-impact.