Working with trauma injuries

We must always remember that any injury (wounds, fractures, burns, etc.) becomes a serious test for the body, because this defeat is multidimensional: stress, inflammation, local hemorrhage (possibly bleeding), pain, violation of the function of an organ or limb. Possible complication of infection.

Wounds — damage to the body’s tissues due to mechanical action, accompanied by a violation of the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes. According to the mechanism of formation, there are stab, cut, bitten, scalped and gunshot wounds.

A particularly difficult situation usually occurs in the case of a fracture. It should be noted that this diagnosis can not always be made in the first hours after the injury.

In severe cases of injuries, you should immediately contact a medical facility, especially if the injury is of a combined nature. It is not always possible to immediately reliably assess the severity of the condition of a person who has been injured, so you can not leave it without attention. It should be remembered that the actions of the caregiver should be aimed at calming the victim and, if possible, reducing the pain.

In the case of minor injuries (cuts, abrasions, etc.), it is often not necessary to consult a doctor. As a rule, treatment takes place at home. In such cases, an indispensable assistant can be the spinor device, which is very easy to use, portable (so mobile), can always be at hand, even in a remote suburban area.

Local exposure to damaged tissues by EHF radiation is of great importance. After decontamination of the wound (for example, by treating it with an antiseptic such as hydrogen peroxide) and applying a bandage, if necessary, we work in EHF mode on the damaged tissue for 10 minutes (you can use a bandage). In this case, there are hemostatic, decongestant and analgesic effects.

At the scene of the injury

We operate the device in the “universal” EHF mode for 10 minutes on the skin projection of the injury site. This procedure can be performed three times during the day (a total of 30 minutes per day). In the case of using a large device (with a display) for the purpose of EHF therapy, you can also use different modes (if the skin is damaged-the 10th mode, if the musculoskeletal system is damaged-the 8th mode, etc.). the Procedure can be repeated periodically, each time leaving the emitter in the same place to work in the BRR mode. Then turn it off and leave it there for 8-12 hours.

If there is an infection injury

In case of infection of the wound, it is advisable to “remove” information from the affected area and “transfer” it to the bloodstream — to the main artery (for example, the radial or carotid). For reference: any wound (violation of tissue integrity) received outside the operating room and non-sterile surgical instruments is considered infected. In some cases, additional infectious agents are added, which often causes serious difficulties in treatment. A separate niche in this list is occupied by so-called intrahospital infections, which are very difficult to control, since bacterial strains are usually resistant to antibiotics. To combat such infections, the spinor device is simply irreplaceable.

Information is “removed” from the skin projection of the injury site by a yellow emitter in the 2nd mode within a minute. Then turn it off and put it on the blood flow (for example, on the radial artery) for 8-12 hours.

You can also “transfer” information to water:

  • Information is “removed” from the skin projection of the injury site by a yellow emitter in the 2nd mode within a minute.
  • Then “transfer” the information to the water (see “structuring water”). This water (about 1.5-2 liters) should be gradually drunk during the day. You can “transfer” information to a carrier (honey, wax, salt).

At fractures

In the case of a fracture or dislocation, you can not do without qualified medical care. The doctor will perform immobilization( immobilization), perform, if necessary, fixation with a plaster cast. And then the spinor device can also help the body cope with this injury. If the skin projection of the fracture is not available, you can use the above algorithm to apply a plaster cast. This algorithm can also be used to reduce pain and stimulate healing of any postoperative wounds.

To stimulate recovery processes at the site of a fracture or extensive damage, you can “transfer” information from healthy tissues ( from a symmetrical place to the damaged one).

  • Make a “record” from the skin projection of a healthy symmetrical area with a yellow emitter in 2 mode for a minute
  • Then disconnect the emitter from the device and put it on the skin projection over the fracture area for 8-12 hours.

For burns

The algorithm of actions for burns is similar. You can work through a bandage or place the emitter next to the wound surface.

You can always connect to the algorithm the impact on the immune system to increase regeneration.

The speed of healing of wounds and fractures when using the spinor device increases many times.

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