As mentioned above, antiviral and antibacterial drugs have a fairly narrow spectrum of action, and most often it is not known what pathogen is caused by the disease. In addition, they are toxic and can depress the immune system.

BRR therapy can be used to treat any infectious diseases, regardless of whether the pathogen is known or not. Any living system, including a micro-organism, emits electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency. If micro-organisms receive exactly the same radiation from outside, they are gradually suppressed and die. In addition, the depressing effect of EHF radiation on influenza viruses has been proven.

The advantage of the “Spinor” device is that it allows you to “record” information (i.e. electromagnetic radiation) about the pathogen of infection and about the momentary state of the body, which is known to be quite variable, and to act, taking into account the existing cell structure and set of frequencies at this moment. The picture changes especially quickly in acute infectious diseases. Therefore, it is in acute inflammation that the effect of using the device is most significant (for example, SARS can be stopped by the device in one day). This therapy does not cause complications, it does not develop addiction. It is combined with any other treatment methods and increases their effectiveness.

Prevention using EHF therapy reduces the incidence of SARS in organized groups by 1.5-2 times, and those who are ill carry SARS easily, without complications

  • The duration of the disease and the number of medications used are reduced by 2 times
  • In the case of an early start of EHF therapy (with the very first symptoms of SARS), the disease can be avoided
  • The incidence rate in children is decreasing
  • The frequency of exacerbations of chronic diseases is reduced
  • EHF therapy has an immunocorrective effect

Algorithm for working with colds

Method 1

1 The procedure is performed with a yellow emitter*. The emitter is glued with a patch on the projection of the maxillary sinus**. Device operation mode:
№ 3 – for “Spinor” (3 modes); № 1 – for ” Spinor LCD» (11 modes).
The duration of exposure is 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the device will turn off automatically.
Лечение и профилактика ОРВИ и гриппа аппаратами серии «Спинор»
2 Disconnect the emitter from the device and leave it at the site of exposure for BRR therapy.
The duration of BRR exposure is not limited in time. When performing the procedure before going to bed, it is recommended to leave the emitter for BRR-exposure for the entire night.
Лечение и профилактика ОРВИ и гриппа аппаратами серии «Спинор»
3 At the beginning of the disease, it is recommended to make a “rewrite” after 1-2 hours. To do this, the device is connected to the glued emitter using a connecting cable. Enable the device in mode № 2 (for any device). The duration of exposure is 1 minute. After 1 minute, the device will turn off automatically, and then disconnect the cable. Лечение и профилактика ОРВИ и гриппа аппаратами серии «Спинор»

* – Usually the use of a single emitter is sufficient to achieve a positive effect. You can also use two emitters simultaneously (one on the left and one on the right).
* * – If the main symptom of the disease is a sore throat, then the emitter should be glued to the neck, choosing the most painful point for exposure.

Method 2

1 Make a “record” over the skin projection of the infected organ* in the 2nd mode for a minute.
The procedure is performed by EHF emitter №4 (yellow). When the flu primarily affects the upper respiratory tract, so usually for the” removal of information ” choose the projection of the maxillary sinus.
Лечение и профилактика ОРВИ и гриппа аппаратами серии «Спинор»
2 Disconnect the emitter from the device and ” put ” the emitter on the bloodstream for BRR therapy. To do this, you can choose the radial or carotid artery.
The carotid artery runs vertically along both sides of your neck. To find the pulse on this artery, place your fingers at the end of the neck, under the jaw, in the middle between the earlobe and the chin.
The radial artery is located on the side of the thumb, on the wrist with the palm looking up. The duration of BRR-impact on the blood flow is not limited in time and can be several days.You can fix the radiator to the artery using a patch or a special elastic fastener of the emitter.
Лечение и профилактика ОРВИ и гриппа аппаратами серии «Спинор»Лечение и профилактика ОРВИ и гриппа аппаратами серии «Спинор»
3 The procedure can be repeated several times a day. The frequency depends on the severity of the process: with acute inflammation – every 1-2 hours, with a sluggish process-1-2 times a day. The frequency of rewriting also depends on the nature of the pathological process.
The duration of treatment is determined individually until the symptoms disappear
Лечение и профилактика ОРВИ и гриппа аппаратами серии «Спинор»

* – “Recording” can be made with nasal discharge in case of a runny nose. In this case, it is very important to isolate the emitter from direct contact with the secretions. Therefore, first you need to wrap the emitter with a thin food film, and then bring it into contact with the secretions.

Treatment with EHF therapy should begin immediately when the first signs of the disease appear (headache, chills, body tremors, sore throat, runny nose).

In the treatment of acute respiratory infections in EHF therapy, the following exposure zones are used: P7, VG14, VC17, P9, TR5, E36.

Depending on the predominant symptoms affect additional points*:

  • when cold, nasal congestion GI20
  • for pain in the throat P5, VC22, GI4, VC23
  • when you cough V13, R26, P5, GI18, E16, V11
  • headaches VB20, V9, VC19
  • at high temperature VC14, GI11
  • laryngitis, pharyngitis VC14, GI11, P5, R1, V16
  • when tracheitis R6, IG1, V11

Treatment sessions are carried out on the first and second day 2-3 times. When applying at a later date and with the development of complications, the first 2-3 days are spent on 2 sessions a day and one session in the next 3-5 days. In cases of severe disease and complications, EHF therapy is necessarily used in combination with medication.

*use any available point Atlas or just search on the Internet-enter the name of the point and see the image, where the point is located and how to find it.

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