Structuring water with Spinor device

One can confidently state that there does not exist a person, on planet earth, who is not familiar with what water is.
We use it every day, starting from birth, and it is everywhere. Its reserves are enormous, proven by the fact that about three quarters of planet earth is covered with water. V. I. Vernadsky states:» There is no earthly substance — mineral, rock, or living body, which water is not included in.”

Scientists have devoted countless years of research in studying water, and found that under certain conditions, water molecules can assemble in a stable education, resembling crystals. It was found that water is a multilevel hierarchically organized liquid crystal, which is based on a cluster. In essence a crystal is a «quantum of water» consisting of 57 of its molecules. The information storage capacity of water is due to the fact that such huge quanta may form polymers, which differ bulk structures and physical properties respectively.

The most important feature of water is that it can change its molecular structure of space-influencing factors can be electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic fields, mechanical vibrations, light, chemical impurities, ideas, thoughts, words, emotions, sounds, the energy vibrations of crystals, and living and non-living objects.

«Live» water — is water which has received healing information, and can be thought of as a «life.» A person’s imagination can even impact the parameters of water. Scientists have determined that the human form of speech phrases (energy «clots»), possess the ability to impact its subjects, its directed towards. Words especially create large changes to occur in the water, such as developing a complex ensemble of water molecules. Ongoing experiments in many laboratories have shown that water reacts to a lively sense of the word, regardless of their volume, and can even react to the tone, and the degree of how pronounced one’s emotional overtone is. Kind, tender, and compassionate words of love harmonize the structure of water. Moreover, if the words are written on paper, which is bonded to a vessel of water, the water will and actually perceives this information.

In addition, the water can change its structure, under the influence of music. The most beautiful crystals formed elaborate exotic looking shapes under the influence of classical music, while the opposite effect transpired with the style of «heavy metal» which formed irregular plain looking shapes. This is cause for quite some reflection. Indeed, the same is occuring with water inside our bodies!

Is the mechanism of healing water? Repeatedly, throughout the day, receiving structured water allows the water to be included in the state of resonance, with the water contained in the human body. This creates a natural structuring to occur in the water located in the physical body. Organism gets healthy energy, with every gulp of energy-activated water.

The positive effects are a gradual recovering immune system, balanced reproductive function, and a general rejuvenation of the human body. Healing water stimulates regenerative function of all cells. Therapeutic application of this methodology allows for incredible results.

All the biochemical reactions of the human body are activated through the bodily fluids. From the beginning our fluids are structured, but will gradually decrease by age and a person’s lifestyle.

The SPINOR millimeter wave instrument structures the fluids of the body, in addition to structuring the water a person consumes.
Structured water raises the level of energy in general, and strengthens the effects of all treatments. The more structured water a person consumes, the better and quicker the results will be. And to reiterate, it will cause the fluids of the body to be structured, which aids and contributes to making the communications of each cell, more effective. Even the taste of vine and fruit juices, can largely be improved by applying SPINOR’s structuring technique.

Structured water is fresh for about 24 hours. Therefore remember to always structure new water every day.

Proceed in this manner:

Program                    1

Time                           10 minute

Color of crystal         Yellow

Volume of water      1.5-2  liter (L)

Fill a jar with water, and cover it with saran wrap. Put the crystal on the saran wrap (it must not get wet). Start the program.

Recommendation: To attain the best health results, one should always use water structured by SPINOR. This is applicable to treating animals and plants as well.

In the morning drink the structured water on an empty stomach, approximately 1 glass.  It is recommended to drink water before eating, as well as drinking small amounts throughout the day. Daily recommended consumption is 1.5 to 2 liter (L), of structured water.

Structuring the water by the device Spinor:

  • Use one emitter, in the mode №1 of 11 modes device or №3 of 3 modes, attach the crystal to a 1.5 to 2 liter (L) bottle of water, and structure it for 10 minutes.

Structuring the water by the device Spinor with transfer of information:

  • Structuring water
  • Record the required information on the emitter (mode №2)
  • Next remove the emitter (crystal), with the information stored in it, and apply it to the bottle of water, for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • One may then transfer the structured water with the stored information into regular plastic bottle, for transportation purposes, and drink throughout the day.

Definition of “ordinary” water, can be stated as follows: water is an open, dynamic, and structurally complex system, where the stationary state can be easily broken by an external impact, which causes the system to pass into a transition state. This can be evaluated by the degree of alteration, of the structure-information property, contained in the water. As a result, due to its self-organization ability, the system may either resume its initial state or carry into another stationary state.

p/s Our English is not perfect . We will be happy if you point out transcription errors in comments.

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  1. Hello
    Structuring Water
    I see water can be structured in mode 1 and mode2
    Do you do mode 2 first for ten minutes and then do mode 1 on same water or are they done individually either mode 1 or mode2. I am confused about this.

    1. Howard, hello! We use EHF mode #1 in the model with 11 modes. So, 10 minutes and after we can leave this emitter for 5 minutes for BRR mode.

      1. Ok Thanks
        So for structuring ten minutes ehf ( in mode 1) 11 mode device
        Then 5 mins brr mode
        I would have to remove the cable for brr mode
        Is that correct

  2. Thanks
    For BRR mode do I remove cable after EHF mode finished
    and leave just emitter without cable on the glass

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