Strengthening the immune system

The method of increasing immunity using EHF therapy is to influence certain areas of the body and biologically active points with the SPINOR apparatus.

The total exposure time is 10 minutes. A course of 10-15 procedures that are performed daily. In the universal EHF mode №1 of the SPINOR LCD device or mode №3 of the spinor mini device.

On areas of the body, a labile technique is used – the emitter is slowly moved around the impact zone. At the points of acupuncture, a stable method is used, since the emitter is located exactly at the point (without moving) for 1 minute. During each session, the sternum area, the front and back of the neck, and the thymus area are irradiated. The effects on the acupuncture points shown below alternate by day.

They affect the following areas of the body and acupuncture points:

  • Sternum area-the yellow or red emitter is slowly moved along the sternum from top to bottom along the midline for 2 minutes. At the same time, the bone marrow is stimulated and the blood composition improves. It is shown that millimeter waves stimulate hematopoiesis. More effectively on hematopoiesis act waves from the emitter of red color. There are 6 vc16-VC21 acupuncture points on the midline of the sternum.
  • The anterior surface of the neck-a yellow emitter labile method irradiate the anterior surface of the neck, moving it from the angle of the lower jaw obliquely down to the fossa above the inner end of the clavicle on one side and on the other. The effect is also carried out along the middle line of the neck. The total irradiation time is 2 minutes. The submandibular lymph nodes, carotid arteries, and thyroid are exposed to radiation. EHF waves penetrating through the carotid artery into the blood affect cell membranes, resulting in an improvement in hematocrit, macro-and microrheology of the blood, an increase in the content of humoral immune factors, antioxidants, and biologically active substances in the blood.
    The thyroid gland increases redox processes in the body, increases metabolism, and has a positive effect on the immune system.
  • Back of the neck-yellow emitter irradiates the back of the neck, starting from the back border of the hair to the level of about the 5th cervical vertebra. The effect is carried out on both sides of the spine and along the border of the hair for 2 minutes.
    There is an effect on the nerve roots of the spinal cord and on biologically active points located along the back border of the hair, including the point VB20 (Feng Chi), which has a wide spectrum of action.
  • The handle of the sternum (location of the thymus gland) – affect the yellow or blue emitter for 2 minutes.
  • Acupuncture point GI. 4 – “point from 100 diseases” is affected by a yellow emitter for 1 minute on the right and left.
  • Acupuncture point E.36 – affect the yellow emitter for 1 minute on the right and left.
  • Nose wings (location of the point GI20) – affect the yellow emitter for 1 minute on the right and left.

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