Opening of energy centers

At present, unfortunately, Western medicine does not pay due attention to the work of energy centers in the treatment of diseases. Namely, they regulate the functions of all organs and systems. Their well-coordinated work depends on their overall health, both physical and mental.

Western medicine at the moment has reached a dead end-using an approach aimed at the treatment of already formed diseases and the use of chemical pharmacology.

A different approach is successfully used by Eastern medicine. It affects the cause of diseases and attaches great importance to restoring the energy potential of the body.

If we got all the energy for life from the food we consumed, we would have to eat up to 40 kg of food a day. It is found that only 10-15% of the wasted energy is replenished by eating food, and up to 30% – thanks to the synthesis of ATP. The question arises – how do you replenish the rest of the energy?

The main part of energy we draw from outside, through the energy centers available in our body. These are some “substations” that provide the body with energy, with a diameter of about 3-5 cm.

Anatomically, opposite each energy center is an internal secretion gland that produces its corresponding hormones:

  • The hypothalamus (7th center) is located in the area of the top of the head
  • In the Central part of the forehead is the pineal gland (6th center)
  • In the anterior part of the neck (level of the 7th cervical vertebra) – the thyroid gland (5th center)
  • At the level of the heart, along the Central line of the chest – the thymus gland (4th center)
  • In the area of the solar plexus – the pancreas (3ed center)
  • In the pubic area-the adrenal glands (2nd center)
  • Perineal area-sex glands (1st center)

If the energy does not flow to any center, then there will be problems in the place where the center is located. For example, if energy is not supplied to the 4th center or is not supplied in sufficient quantity, it can lead to a heart attack. And problems of the genitourinary sphere are always associated with a violation of the work of the 2nd center.

To restore the energy potential, it is recommended to influence the energy centers daily for 1 minute. Caution: it is not recommended to influence the 1st, 6th and 7th energy centers.

Duration-5-7 days. From experience, this is enough for the body to reach a normal level of energy consumption.

Program of work with energy centers
We operate the device for one minute on the following areas in EHF mode . A yellow or blue emitter is used.

First, we work from the front for 1 min. on each area:

  • on the pubic area
  • on the area of 1.5-2 cm above the navel
  • on the heart area (middle of the sternum)
  • on the area of the thyroid gland (laryngeal cartilage)

Then we work for 1 minute at the back:

  • on the area of the 7th cervical vertebra
  • on the inter-scapular area
  • at the level of the spine just above the navel
  • in the lower lower back (triangle between the buttocks)

The course duration is 5-7 days.

p/s Our English is not perfect . We will be happy if you point out transcription errors in comments.

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