Normalization of Alpha rhythm

In any chronic disease, a persistent focus is formed in the brain, which seems to fix this disease. This is an adaptive mechanism that is formed so that the life of the organism associated with this disease is possible (in other words, a survival program is triggered). But to part with a long-running disease, this persistent focus in the brain must be destroyed. This is helped by working with the “alpha” rhythm using the “spinor” device, which, among other things, helps to improve mood.

Use point behind the ear and little bit up (look the picture). For guidance — there is a small depression; Use the second mode (FRE) for one minute, yellow or blue emitter; left-handers need work on right side, right-handers respectively, on the left.
Then leave the emitter there for 8-12 hours (you can use an elastic bandage or special straps to fix it).
The duration of the program depends on the specific disease in a particular patient, but on average-7 days with weekly breaks.

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использование альфа ритма Спинор

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