Ischemia, acute myocardial infarction


In acute myocardial infarction, EHF therapy is used in combination with medication.

Used HF emitters

  1. Frequency 40-43 GHz, wavelength 7.1 mm (red).
  2. Frequency 52-57 GHz, wavelength 5.6 (green).
  3. Noise-frequency 52-78 GHz (yellow). Emitters are selected individually for each patient.

Treatment regimen

10-14 sessions daily for 15-20 min.


The impact ZONE: the sternum in the region of the xiphoid process.
linic effect and control

Reducing the frequency of postinfarction angina, reducing the time of scarring. Monitoring is carried out according to the indicators of electrocardiogram and biochemical blood tests.


There are no absolute contraindications (see General contraindications for EHF therapy).

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