Improving the functioning of the spine

3 pathways method

The device allows you to restore the work of the spine using the 3-pathways technique.
Recovery of the spine is an important stage in the treatment of any disease. Therefore, this method is included in the number of general treatment programs using the SPINOR device.
The spinal cord, which is located in the spine, sends nerve impulses to all the organs of our body to regulate their function. In turn, the information from the organs and tissues in the nerve fiber enters the Central nervous system. Ie always there is an exchange of signals in two directions. If there are any obstacles, these signals slow down or do not reach a certain organ at all and it ceases to function normally.

The “3-pathways” technique improves the conduction of nerve impulses in the spine.

Preference is given to a blue or yellow emitter. Use SPINOR mini mode №3 or SPINOR LCD mode №1

  1. From the occipital fossa down the spine, not reaching 1.5 cm to the coccyx-drive the emitter slowly for 2 minutes
  2. To the right, follow the transverse processes from top to bottom (1.5-2 cm from the spine line) slowly for 1.5 minutes
  3. Then similarly on the left — also for 1.5 minutes, 1-2 sessions a day for 5 days are held, then-2 days of break. The course duration is 3 consecutive weeks. This technique can be combined with any other treatment methods.

For osteochondrosis and pain in the spine

The SPINOR device can significantly relieve pain and restore muscle tone in neurological manifestations of spinal osteochondrosis.

For neurological manifestations of spinal osteochondrosis, any type of treatment can be supplemented with EHF and BRR therapy for painful areas. Using a yellow or red emitter, work on each palpation-defined painful point for 10 minutes. Use mode №8 for the LCD device, and mode №3 for the mini device.

After that, you need to switch to mode№2 (BRR) and make a record from the most painful points, then fix the emitters with a band-aid and leave for a day. If the pain is very acute ,then “rewriting” can be performed several times a day. The duration of treatment is determined individually.

Note! If you want to improve the passage of the pulse, then follow the “3 pathways” method ( 5 minutes is the total time). And if you want to cure, for example, sciatica or a spinal fracture, then work for 10 minutes at the site of pain to suppress inflammation and pain, and improve blood supply!

You can also work on the Su-Jok zones, if it is inconvenient to reach out and work on your back yourself.


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