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The immune system is a shield against various bacteria, viruses and other detractors, such as cancer cells, which can pose a threat to our health. If it doesn’t work properly, we are defenseless and vulnerable to infection.

The importance of the immune system:

  • The cause of all infectious diseases lies in the poor functioning of the immune system
  • 95% of all allergies are associated with disorders of the immune system
  • Almost all autoimmune diseases are the result of a failure in this system
  • Almost 100% of patients with immune disorders are at risk of cancer
  • Adhesive processes in the body also mean that the immune system is not working properly
  • Without proper functioning of the immune system there is no regeneration of organs and tissues

This is why it is so important to maintain your immune system.

The main organ of the immune system is the thymus. It produces special cells-T-lymphocytes, which are scouts for detecting foreign spies in the body (viruses, fungi, malignant cells). After their detection, they report this to their colleagues at work (other cells) and together with them build a military strategy against the “occupiers”.

Thus, the restoration of the thymus gland allows us to restore the function of the immune system.

But the progenitors of the immune system cells are bone marrow stem cells. It is the stem cells that restore the functional abilities of organs. Our body is constantly updated, the life of cells from 10 days to 3 months. At a young age, the rate of regeneration is high, but it slows down with age, which affects our health.

When we restore the functioning of the bone marrow, we automatically restore absolutely all the cells that we are made of.

Stage 1. We work on the upper third of the sternum (thymus projection) for 10 minutes in mode №1 (Spinor LCD device) or mode №3 (Spinor”mini”). Then we record the radiation from the same place in mode №2 (both devices) for a minute and leave it there for 12-24 hours. We use a yellow or blue emitter. The duration of the first stage is 5-7 days.

Stage 2. We work on the lower part of the sternum (bone marrow) for 10 minutes in mode № 1 (SPINOR LCD device) or mode № 3 (spinor “mini”). Then we record the radiation from the same place in mode №2 (both devices) for a minute and leave it there for 12-24 hours. We use a yellow or red emitter. The duration of the second stage is 5-7 days.

If a child is ill more often than 6 times a year, if a person does not recover after 6-7 days after the start of an infectious disease, if the temperature does not rise with a cold – these are signs of a weakened immune system. In this case, the duration of each stage should be increased to 14 days.

In addition, the impact in the sternum can be supplemented by EHF-impact on the BAT: GI 4  and E. 36, after a day P.7  and RP.2 .

энергетические точки на руке

энергетические зоны на ноге

активные точки на запястье

поиск точек су джок

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