Hearing restoration

It is possible to restore hearing in case of sensorineural hearing loss with the help of spinor devices, but on condition that the nerve center responsible for hearing is not damaged.

Otherwise, we can’t expect to help the patient significantly. How do the injuries occur? For example, a child has suffered an intrauterine infection, inflammation in this place, a cyst, the center is damaged — it is very difficult to promise anything here… But if the auditory nerve is partially damaged, some strings of nerves are preserved — then you can be absolutely sure that you can help such people.

The cause of sensorineural hearing loss in 90% of cases is an inflammatory process in the inner ear, vascular disorders that lead to dystrophic changes in the auditory nerve. In the treatment of hearing loss, it is necessary to increase the immune system and improve lymphatic drainage.

In order to increase immunity, the red emitter irradiates the sternum area, the green emitter-the area of the back of the neck from the first to the fourth cervical vertebra, the area located above the tragus, the point GI-4. Impact on the area above the trestle (location of point TR-21) improves hearing reduces ringing in the ears, eliminates dizziness. The GI-4  point is the point that is affected in all ear diseases. Exposure time -10 min in the “universal” EHF mode.

The effect on the lymphatic system begins with its end sections-subclavian and umbilical zones. Use the BRR method for 10 minutes (with two or three emitters). Then, in the” universal ” EHF mode, both subclavian areas, the submandibular, parotid (in front of the ear), behind the ear, and occipital lymph glands are affected for 10 minutes. The effect is carried out first on one side, then on the other.

The procedure aimed at increasing immunity can be performed in the morning, the lymphatic drainage procedure — in the evening.

In the area of the foot put two emitters: one – on the reflex zone of the ears, the other-on the zone of the lymphatic system. The reflex zone of the ears is located in the area located posteriorly from the bases of the fourth and fifth fingers on the plantar side, the zone of the lymphatic system-anteriorly from the outer ankle. On the zone of the ears put a radiator on one foot, on the zone of the lymphatic system-on the other. The next day, the location of the emitters on the feet is changed. The minimum exposure time is 15 minutes. It is advisable to put the emitters on at night. The reflex zone of the ears on the hand is located above the bases (above the third skin folds) of the fourth and fifth fingers on the palm side.

Hearing loss is associated with a lack of energy in the Meridian of the three parts of the body.
To tone this Meridian, the point of this TR-3  is affected. It is located in the depression between the fourth and fifth metacarpal bones, posteriorly from the fourth metacarpal joint. On both points TR-3 put emitters in free mode for 15 minutes.

If the treatment is well tolerated, after 6-8 of these procedures, the effect on the carotid artery area is added in a universal EHF mode for 5 minutes on each side, the exposure time can be gradually increased to 10 minutes.

In sensorineural hearing loss is recommended to act on three points on the same vertical line in front of the ear: TR-21 (in front and above the tragus of the ear, palpated where the recess), IG-19  (between the tragus and mandibular joint, where the opening of the mouth is palpated deepening) and VB-2 (front and down from the trestle, where the palpable deepening). The effect is carried out on both sides for 2-3 minutes (up to 5 minutes) on each side. They use a labile-stable method. The emitter is moved slowly, stopping at the specified points. The TR-21 point is affected longer than the other two points.

The disease, accompanied by hearing loss, requires treatment for 4-5 months.
During treatment, take breaks for 1-2 weeks or more. The applied methods of treatment alternate. It is possible to conduct one course of treatment only by the method of BRR or only by the method of EHF therapy. As a rule, treatment is carried out by combining these two methods. During breaks, lymphatic drainage procedures or procedures aimed at improving immunity are performed.

From medicinal homeopathic preparations recommend “Placenta compositum”, produced in ampoules. The information is removed from the ampoule and transferred to a small amount (50 ml) of water for 8-10 minutes. The medicine is taken in the morning on an empty stomach once a day for 15 days. Treatment is carried out for several months.

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