Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Применение КВЧ-терапии при заболеваниях опорно-двигательного аппарата связано с обезболивающим действием КВЧ-волн, их иммуностимулирующим и регенеративным действием.


Mono-and combined with medication EHF therapy is used for osteochondrosis of the spine, arthroarthritis of large joints, deforming osteoarthritis and lesions of small joints of the foot and hand.

Used HF emitters

  1. Frequency 40-43 GHz, wavelength 7.1 mm (red)
  2. Frequency 52-57 GHz, wavelength 5.6 (green),
  3. Noise-frequency 52-78 GHz (yellow).

Emitters are selected individually for each patient.

Treatment regimen

10-20 sessions for 15-20 min. 1-2 times a day, depending on the severity of the condition. When exposed to several zones-1/3 of the time on the sternum, 2/3 of the time on the joint.


Zones of influence: the sternum area for painful joints-the emitter is installed in the area of the joint gap. For osteochondrosis of the spine, it is installed along paravertebral lines (one centimeter from the line of spinous processes), and for pain in the spine — in the area of painful parts of the spine.

Clinical effect and control

There is a rapid relief of pain syndrome inside the joint origin, the volume of movements increases, with deforming osteoarthritis, the phenomena of synovitis are stopped. Control is carried out by the volume of movements, subjective feelings of the patient (pain syndrome), the results of radiography and the leukocyte formula of blood.


Absolute contraindications have not been identified (see General contra-indications for EHF-therapy).

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