Chronic osteomyelitis

The use of EHF therapy is due to the immunostimulating, regenerative effect of EHF waves, as well as their ability to relieve pain.


Combined with medication, EHF therapy is used in the pre-and postoperative period to stop the osteomyelitic process

Used HF emitters

  1. Frequency 40-43 GHz, wavelength 7.1 mm (red).
  2. Frequency 52-57 GHz, wavelength 5.6 (green).
  3. Noise-frequency 52-78 GHz (yellow).

Emitters are selected individually for each patient.

Treatment regimen

10-15 sessions of 20-30 min. daily; repeated courses -10 sessions.


Impact ZONE: middle third of the sternum.


The clinical manifestations of the General and local character of the leukocyte formula of blood.


Absolute contraindications have not been identified (see General contra-indications for EHF-therapy).

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