Chronic hepatitis and cholecystopancreatitis

The use of EHF therapy is due to the modulating effect of EHF waves on the immune system and the hemostasis system.


Combined with medication, EHF therapy is used in the treatment of the consequences of viral hepatitis ” A “and” B ” (possible use in acute viral hepatitis) and chronic cholecystopancreatitis.

Used HF emitters

  1. Frequency 40-43 GHz, wavelength 7.1 mm (red).
  2. Frequency 52-57 GHz, wavelength 5.6 (green).
  3. Noise-frequency 52-78 GHz (yellow).

With individual selection of the wavelength, the 7.1 mm wavelength is more effective for severe forms.

Treatment regimen

6-15 sessions daily for 20 min.
During a single session, either all zones are irradiated sequentially, or one of them is irradiated.


Acupuncture POINTS: Gi4 (he-GU point), E36 (zu-San-Li point)
Impact ZONE: epigastric region.

Control and clinical effect

EHF therapy normalizes the hemostatic system, promotes faster recovery of liver functions. Control is performed based on the state of the hemostatic system, laboratory tests and subjective feelings of the patient.


Absolute contraindications have not been identified (see General contra-indications for EHF-therapy).




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  1. Hello, can spinor device help me with gallstones, can this device help me to break up or get it out? thank you…

    1. Hello! Unfortunatelly Spinor can not make nothing with gallstones. It can improve the functions of liver and gallbladder.

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