кишечник человекаWork with intestines
Start to clean intestines preferably in the waning phase of the moon.

Work 14 days in a row, then take a break of two weeks and again on the waning moon to repeat all the procedures below also 14 days.

Record Information from the stool or from the bowel projection (left groin) in the 2 mode. Then transfere the information from the emitter to the water (pre-process in EHF mode 5-10 minutes). For transfer information, you must attach the emitter disconnected from the device with the already recorded information to the container with water for 5 minutes. During the day, drink this water. And fix this emitter on the pulse for 8-12 hours (preferably during the day).

Additionally – move another emitter clockwise around the navel in EHF mode-1 time a day with a yellow emitter (duration 7 -10 days)

Work with liver
In parallel with cleaning the intestines, it is necessary to work with the liver and gall bladder. Record information in mode #2 from the right hypochondrium and leave the emitter there for the night. In the morning, information from this emitter transfere to the water. So, in the morning transfer to water the information recorded from the stool/bowel projection and from the liver area.

In the morning from 10: 00 to 11: 00, it is necessary to affect the right hypochondrium in EHF mode-with a yellow emitter-10 minutes in mode №3 (Spinor mini) or in mode №7 (Spinor 11 modes).

Choleretic herbs
During cleaning, take choleretic charges (you can buy them at a pharmacy) 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening by the glass.

From the 3rd day of cleaning, it is recommended to take sorbents

Body exercises
In the morning, you need to workout for 15-20 minutes.

Physical therapy has a General beneficial effect on the body: activates the activity of the stomach, liver, intestines; improves blood circulation in the abdominal organs; increases the outflow of venous blood and bile. However, it should be firmly remembered that during the period of exacerbation of the process, physical exercise is contraindicated. Therefore, before starting classes, you should consult with a doctor.

The outflow of bile and activation of blood circulation in the abdominal cavity are facilitated by bending the legs, lifting them, and bending them.

Coniferous baths
In the evening, take a bath with coniferous essential oils (fir, pine, juniper, etc.) for 7-10 drops per bath. For 7-10 days, and then 1 time a week. The total duration is 1 month.

You also need enzymes — these are fresh juices or plant-based enzyme preparations.

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