Anti-stress programme

Indications: anxiety-depressive syndrome on the background of acute or chronic stress, sleep disorders, withdrawal syndromes.

We use mode 3, yellow or blue emitters. 10-14 days.

First, we work with common points: MC6 and TR 5 on the one hand and after on another. And we use additional BAPs it depends on the tonus of vegetative system.

For high pressure: C 7 (Right hand)

For low pressure: Gi 4 (Right hand)

For normal pressure: C 7 (Right hand)  + Gi 4 (Right hand) at the same time.


We recommend you use this Antistress protocol before or in parallel with the main treatment.

Results of the application of the “Antistress” technique:

  •  The excitation of the vagus is removed and the work of the sympathetic nervous system is normalized.
  •  The central nervous system is regulated, tearfulness and irritability disappear.
  •  There is a normalization of the mental state.
  •  There is a regulation of sleep, control of the sleep process itself and a violation of the depth of sleep is removed.

Attention! Due to the sedative effect, this mode is not recommended for use at work, while driving a car and working with moving mechanisms.

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