Improving vision

Methods of treatment of eye diseases using the SPINOR device

Cleansing the intestines and liver

The condition of the eyes depends on the condition of the liver, and the liver cannot be cleaned without the intestines. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the intestines and liver first.

SPINOR therapy: place the yellow (or green) emitter on the projection of the liver (right hypochondrium), remove the information in BRR mode (mode 2), and leave it there (secure with a band-aid or strap) for at least 8 hours. You can keep the emitter for 24 hours. But once a day, you should do overwriting, i.e. again in 2 mode, write down the information and leave it.

The course is from 10 days to 3 months (depending on the patient’s condition). If you have already completed a course of intestinal and liver cleansing, immediately proceed to stage 2.

Method of two eights

To be more precise, these are not eights, but the infinity sign “∞”.

1-I eight-projection of the edge of the orbit (internal) around the eye.

2nd – above the eyebrows and on the projection of the bone (external). Intersection on the bridge of the nose.

Exposure occurs in the EHF mode (1 mode in the LCD device or 3 mode in the “mini” device), for 5-10 minutes.

Emitters are used yellow, green and red. Alternate after 7 days. Do this procedure 1-2 times a day. You should not use the red emitter in the evening, because you can not fall asleep. Be sure to take breaks between courses, i.e. 3 weeks to do – 2 weeks to rest, so until the clinical effect.


Impact on SU-JOK zones

The inner surface of the thumb on the hands and feet. Exposure to the yellow emitter in the EHF mode (1 mode of the LCD device or 3 mode of the “mini” device) for 3-4 minutes. With chronic eye disease, it is better to affect the toes, with acute-the hands.

Remove information from the eyes

We remove the information through a closed eyelid (mode 2), transfer this information to water (drink, wash, make lotions) or transfer it to any eye drops, then attach this sensor to the temple area or above the eyebrow for 8-12 hours. The radiator is attached alternately: 1 one day – on the left side, the other day – on the right. You can sew a special blindfold with pockets and sleep in it.
If there is the presence of infection, then another emitter removes the information from the eyes(a) and attaches it to the main blood vessel. If you have an acute illness, you need to update the information frequently, i.e. we rewrite it every 20-60 minutes. If you have a chronic disease-1-2 times a day (you can only do it at night).

The duration of treatment, based on the disease-from a few days to months.

The impact on the area of the alpha rhythm

Since the eyes are part of the brain, it is necessary to influence the area of the brain, which is located at the junction of 3 bones: the occipital, parietal, and temporal (the bone tubercle behind the ear). For right-handers it is on the left, for left-handers it is on the right. Conventionally, this point is called the “alpha rhythm point”.

A yellow or blue emitter is used. Exposure time – 1 minute in mode #2, then leave the emitter for 8-12 hours for background exposure. Duration-7 days.

This point is used in the treatment of all chronic diseases, fatigue, headaches, mental stress, memory loss, etc.

The effectiveness of treatment will be higher if these methods are combined with exercises for eye mobility.

Perform each exercise 10 times. 2 times a day. The exercise scheme is presented below.


p/s Our English is not perfect . We will be happy if you point out transcription errors in comments.

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  1. Hi,
    First of all thanks for the great info.

    Just to be sure, you are moving the device while active for the 5-10 minute time frame, right?

    1. Albert, if we work with zone on the body or organ, we can move emitter slowly during tha session. If we work with point BAP or problematic zone is not big, we don’t move it.

  2. 1- Dose it cure eye disease?
    2- about (Remove information from the eyes) can i but 2 above the eyebrows for both eyes? And witch color i use?
    3- (With chronic eye disease, it is better to affect the toes, with acute-the hands.) can you explain how?
    I finished 2 months with liver point and 4 days with this eye protocol.

    1. Hello, Roaa!

      1- yes
      2- if you have problem with both eyes – yes, you need use 2 emitters. Yellow
      3- There are Su Jock zones on the hands and on the feet.

      1. Thank you for responding.
        I only have 2 yellows. And i use them on other zones at night. So can i use the green one to take information from eyes and stick it above the eyebrow? Or i can do the eyes at evening or morning?
        And for the su jock zones can you add it to this page with details?
        Thank you

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