Quantum Medicine (QM) uses the phenomenon according to which all the processes following vital activity of living organism are distinctly reflected in the pattern of electromagnetic (EM) information field existing around and within the organism.

Quantum Medicine declares that human body is a whole system (holistic approach) or a system of electromagnetic fields. “Channels” or “Meridians” well known from traditional Oriental medicine are considered to be intercellular spaces or gaps between tissues and organs. Electrical pulses of relatively low frequency can be conducted by the nervous system, but high frequency EM waves can be conducted by “channels” or wave-guides.

Quantum Medicine is based on the various biological effects produced in human body by a low-intensity electromagnetic fields in various spectrum of waveband. Three types of EM radiation are used in practice: coherent, which has a fixed frequency and constant phase, and “noise-like” having a broad spectrum, with randomly varying amplitudes and phases, and its combination. Because of the fact that QM uses low-intensity EM waves, so they discuss informational or energy–informational mechanism of interaction between EM fields and human organism.
QM includes functional (quantum) diagnostic, therapy and prophylactic.

Quantum diagnostic: Any healthy or abnormal states of the body can be described by the frequency, phase or amplitude parameters of the fields. Variations of the human body fields can be detected ahead of structural (cellular or tissue) disorders, so quantum diagnostic provides early detection of various diseases, for example: infrared imaging system detected temperature abnormalities on the skin surfaces, but microwave imaging system detected temperature abnormalities of the tissues at different depths, both of these methods reflect condition of internal organs; measurement of skin electrical field distribution provides functional assessment of Acupoints, channels, tissues and organs as well as a whole body, for example: R.Voll, Rodoraku methods, Vega test, etc.

Quantum therapy: Any disease is suggested to be a disorder of EM homeostasis, which can be caused by the external factors (external EM fields) or internal factors (emotional stress, improper diet, heredity, etc.). Quantum therapy uses ecologically harmless modalities of EM radiation for restoring the disease–affected electromagnetic information field of the patient and providing a stable state of EM homeostasis. The following most effective modes of electromagnetic radiation have been selected on the base of long-term studies: magnetic field, low-intensity infrared laser radiation, wide-band infrared radiation, low-intensity electromagnetic radiation in the millimeter spectrum of waveband, red, green and blue visible light, etc.

Spinor device is representative of quantum therapy.