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Manual for Spinor mini (AK TOM) 3 modes in English, Russian and Germany Download

Manual in English for Spinor 11 modes Download

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First step with Spinor Download

Manual for infrared emitter Download


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  • aurelio cerutti
    2022-08-29 16:38:29
    Nella pulizia dell'intestino cosa si intende per questa affermazione?
    .... "Presta attenzione: prima devi annotare la struttura dell'acqua, quindi trasferire le informazioni, altrimenti le informazioni verranno cancellate".
    Администратор сайта
    Aurelio, hello! We need to know from where this text. Or maybe translation is not good. Before transfer any information (frequencies) to the water, we must make structurisation.

  • Diane Meunier
    2022-08-29 16:32:28
    Do you have a protocol for IBS - I have an AK Tom from you I bought it about 4 years ago. Thank You
    Администратор сайта
    Diane, hello! You can use Antistress protocol + V.25 point


  • Laura
    2022-08-29 16:29:28
    I would like to know how to use the Spinor to help uterus recovery after late abortion. I saw this study in the literature:
    - Knyazeva V.O., Condition of humoral immunity and lipid peroxidation in women after abortion in late phases in the precense of EHF-therapy.
Author f. diss. c.m.s. – Novosibirsk, 2007. - 20 p. - City’s Clinical Hospital No11, Novosibirsk

    but cannot find the protocol or information on what emitter to use and how.
    Thank you.
    Администратор сайта
    Laura, hello! You can use BAPs for uterus from this table  and this protocol


  • Tatjana
    2022-08-29 16:25:35
    Hi, I have been using Spinor device for years. Recently a friend of mine has been diagnosed with uterine fibroids. Could you please recommend can Spinor help and advise how. Thank you in advance
    Администратор сайта
    Tatjana, hello! Here treatment protocol Plus BAPs from this table

  • nour
    2021-12-22 17:03:16
    Hello, can you tell me how to use Infrared emitter ?
    Администратор сайта
    Nour, you can download manual for IR emitter here


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